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    can anyone prove me wrong?
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    Great question. I am on T-Mobile and can't seem to come up with a way to use my Treo 600 as a modem. I sure hope someone can show me a way!

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    Scott Gruby's WirelessModem works on GSM Treos using the right modem script generated by Massimo Valle's GPRS Script Generator.
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    thanks for the info, but $47 dollars ($35 and $12 from "Scott" and "Massimo") is a bit steep for me right now.
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    but he did prove you wrong
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    very bold of you to jump on board the winning side after the contest, foe

    but as I have not tested it myself, I cant say whether it will work for me or not

    and I just cant spend $47 dollars to find out, it is a ridiculous combined sum of money for something I would only occasionally use.
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    I haven't tried this in a while, but I had lots of problems doing this. From recent threads I've seen there is a problem claimed by several people that using a USB cable will cause the Mac to freeze after a few minutes.

    Not exactly a working solution.

    Also, while I have no problem with paying for something, I do expect to get something for that payment. I've sent questions to the developer of wireless modem and the attitude is try it and see if it works. If so, great buy it but it's unsupported. Sorry but I work in companies that do high-end software and this is the only software I've run into that wants to do business this way. I can't endorse a program that isn't "supported" even if you pay for it.

    That's why I love phones with bluetooth. They just work as a wireless modem, no need for flaky software or cranky developers. I'd pay $100 for a working stable software solution, but I won't pay $35 for an unsupported one.
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    I tried wireless modem and it works as suggested. Later on, I find all kinds of funky PPP stuff going on. I'm no stranger to funky Mac stuff related to hacks, believe me. The software seems to open the connections fine but doesn't close down cleanly. I'll keep things loaded for that super duper earth shattering emergency, but can't say the current SW will be in daily use. It would be nice to pay, if I felt like the company stood behind the product. But I agree, there's no warm-n-fuzzy here either.


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