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    Since, at this time, I can't voice my frustration at PalmOne (on my home network, I can't get onto PalmOne's website), I will be doing it here.

    I just recently called PalmOne for my third replacement Treo, which was sent out pretty speedily versus the last time. I just received it today, to my delight, took it out, and decided this time, instead of letting all my backup reinstall itself, I was going to do clean installs of everything (aside from addresses and datebook). So I went ahead and did it all, sans stylus (what would the D Pad be for then?) After sitting at my desk for two hours sifting through my back up stuff to see what I needed, and what was frivolous (I wanted to be lean and mean) and I started installing the stuff that I needed. Once I was done, I placed the Treo back in it's cradle, turned it off from the top, and noticed a big dark blotch on the top right hand side of the screen. I thought, "Well, that's funny, I haven't even touched the screen with my fingers nor stylus." I took it off the cradle, took a closer look at it and just thought it was a mark left over from that plastic guard they put on it when they ship out a replacement. I told my brother about it, who was right next to me, and he took a look at it and proclaimed that it was a busted LCD. I thought that couldn't be since...well....I just thought that couldn't be. Well, upon further inspection, it was a busted LCD. I'm at a loss of words for this. I don't know what to do....I'm a big Palm fan, a bigger Treo fan, but yet, I've never in my life time had to replace something 4 times... Does anyone have any (productive) suggestions?

    I'll be calling their executive relations line (again) for this issue, I'll possibly update as it progresses.

    A Disappointed Treo User.
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    I feel ya buddy.

    I am on my THIRD replacement for a broken Palm Tungsten T3 that has digitizer issues. This whole thing with palmone has become ridiculous.

    And to make things worse my Treo600 just today the speaker broke and I cannot use the regular speaker anymore. Only speakerphone works. I am so sad since I bought this phone used and am afraid there is no warranty fix.
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    This is crazy - I'm waiting for replacement #3 for my Treo. The Philippines promised that someone from Palm would call me in response to my experience, but it hasn't happened yet. I now reccomend that people delay purchases of Treo 600's until they release a brand new version.

    Frank in Atlanta
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankosh
    This is crazy - I'm waiting for replacement #3 for my Treo. The Philippines promised that someone from Palm would call me in response to my experience, but it hasn't happened yet. I now reccomend that people delay purchases of Treo 600's until they release a brand new version.

    Frank in Atlanta
    I whole heartedly agree. My touchscreen went dead. I've now been waiting 5 weeks for a replacement! Neither T-Mobile nor PalmOne have been able to tell me when I might expect my replacement. Until some issues are addressed, I too do not reccomend the purchase of a Treo 600. Some one really screwed up a fantastic opportunity for success. The Treo is a great device, but due to either to poor quality control standards and/or lack of forsight in having ample supply for the demand, the Treo 600 may go down in PDA history as the biggest screw up ever.

    P.S. Would the originator of this thread please send me the phone number for the executive bunch that you referenced?
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    So, the update. The offered to ship a replacement to me in 48 hours. On top of that, they can't find the record of the last 2 replacements, which is unbelievable. I tried to probe deeper as to why, but all I came up with is that their case management software is not well linked together. I'll update as this continues.


    To whoever asked for the number, I will PM to you as soon as I find it.
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    the treo is made like crap. that's just the plain truth. i'm on my 3rd one myself.
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    Well, you were certainly helpful.

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    Help me get a new one that works. I am awaiting my second replacement 600 gsm (AT&T). My original worked like a champ until sim months in when the screen went out--digitizer. (As an aside, i don't fault palmone for the digitizer/screen issue. Digitizer failing is a common problem in handhelds. I know people with Clie's and ipaq's that have gone through several replacements because of screen/digitizer failing.)This was about three weeks ago.
    Last week I got a replacement. The first thing I noticed was that the replacement had the latest firmware. But I also noticed that it had a hell of a time connecting to the network where my old treo had no problems. Also, it would occasionally freeze up on incomming calls and would drop outgoing calls a few seconds after displaying that it was (alegedly) "dialing". Usually a hard reset set this straight.
    But for the past few days it is unbeleivable. It just won't work at all. It usually finds the network and lists connected (but no dancing handspring "searching" along the bottom of the display), but all incomming calls lock it up and it drops every outgoing call almost immediately. At first I thought this was the new software update it arrived with. So I hard reset (including battery aka factory reset) and reinstalled everything minus anything that isn't necessary. No go.
    Palmone said they'll send another one. But my concern is, are they sending me "reconditioned" product. I'm afraid their reconditioning process is nothing more than cleaning it up and updating the software. What can I do if I get another dud? Can I demand a brand new Treo, fresh off the factory floor? How can I tell a brand new one from a reconditioned one?
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    I'm awaiting my first replacement (ATTWS). I have had the original since December, and in the last month the buzzing & static got to be unbearable. The call to Palmsource was fairly quick and painless, they told me that buzzing is a known hardware issue.
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    When I exchanged my first one, they never sent me a return kit The second one arrived normally. I've had the first one exchanged 2 times for a bad ear speaker and the old reset issue....just got a "PalmOne" brand and it came with all the upgrades. Now I am......"extra" ....happy!!!!

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    im confused..when you want a replacement you call palm one??? when do you have to go through lockline.. i've been going through sprint stores to get my replacement.
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    FAX TRANSMISSION … never received a reaction.

    xxxxxxx xxxxxx
    xxx Ave.
    xxxx, CA xxxxx
    1 (xxx) xxx xxxx Fax

    Ed Colligan
    Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Wireless Business Unit
    palmOne, Inc. Corporate Headquarters
    400 N. McCarthy Blvd.
    Milpitas, CA 95035
    1 (408) 503-2750 Main Fax

    Dear Mr. Colligan,

    I need help with your product. I am sending this support request via fax to you as both phone and online support do not appear to be very helpful: Phone support proposed a battery reset to tackle a mechanical problem, online support froze at the first attempt, and did not react after the successful second and third attempt. (“You should expect a response from us within 12 hours. palmOne(TM)Inc. appreciates your business.”)

    So here is the problem description:
    Treo 600 (GSM), SN xxxx resets at the slightest mechanical impact and restarts with wireless mode off. This happens several times a day. It is a known problem at Palm. The product is not functional and I would very much appreciate a functioning replacement. The case number from the first phone contact is xxx. This number could be wrong though, as low-quality VoIP and heavy foreign accent rendered communication quite challenging.

    In 1997 back in <home country >, I bought my first Palm III used Palm products ever since. Back then, the Palm III cost about a quarter of my consultant’s net monthly salary. Today, being right in the target group of the high-priced Treo 600, I am a very busy person and hence, given the hassle I have with both your product and the Palm product support experience, I feel a little let down, especially given my 7 year commitment to Palm.

    It is usually not my style to bother senior executives with support questions, but this is my last hope to get adequate customer support with no further delay.

    Please help me in regaining trust in Palm as my preferred handheld supplier.

    With warmest regards

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    I'm on my second Treo, victim of the "blotch" 600 looked like Dusty Rhodes' stomach. (Inside joke).

    Sprint was fantastic to deal with. I walked in, showed them the dark spot, and the replaced my 600 with no questions asked. The problem now is that my camera shoots red photos...

    Quality control was a big problem with the Treo 300's too, as I had FIVE of those.

    I hope that they get it together on the next round, otherwise they're going to loose a lot of their core customers...

    Just my opinon -
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    OK. This is starting to become a big problem. After speaking to Exec. Relations on 6/19/04 I was told that I would receive my replacement Treo in 48 hours, I asked does that mean business hours/days or regular hour/days, to which the agent said business days. It is now 6/24/04, 6:36 PM and I have yet to receive my Treo. I do hope that someone from Palm One reads these threads.

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    Does palmone send refurbished Treos or new Treos as replacements? I just know that my first replacement was a dud. I couldn't really tell if it was new or refurbed.
    I ask because, with a product as complex and small as a Treo, I just don't think it is possible to "refurbish" one and get it working at 100%. I worry that the replacement program under the warranty is simply replacing one lemon with another.
    Maybe my second replacement will work properly. But I'm not optimistic.
    HandlessKing, do you know if they are sending new units out? Would they if someone with multiple replacements asked/demanded?
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    I am on #3
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    jsl94117, I was told by Exec. Relations that they are sending out refurbs.

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    yeah well I'm on replacement number 8 or 9, I can't remeber now. All of those in the last 4 months!! I still have newtork search problems... I give up
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    I am on number 3, but it has a light spot on the screen. The light spot is a little distracting, but not a huge deal. I'm more worried about resale value than my own use of it, as the rest of the unit works great. After the hassle with the last exchange, I am debating whether to even bother with another exchange.
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    I am in on my 5th treo (4 replacements). Unfortunately, unbelievably I just called Palm to get #6 started on its way. I am in complete dismay that I keep having the same problem -- the "buzzing" heard by other parties on the line.

    I REALLY want this treo thing to work out but I am VERY tired of being embarrassed when people ask "What the hell was that noise?!" or make comments like "Ouch! That actually hurt!" and "Hello! Is someone calling in from Mars?!" on important phone calls.

    Ridiculous is the only word that comes to mind. Especially since Palm assured me that the fix had been implemented on the last replacement that I received.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
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