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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    Lucky you number 9? Sheesh I'm on number 12!!!
    #12 damn! is this typical of palm products, or treo specific? I'm seriously considering ditching my BB when the 650 hits the stores, but after reading this thread I think I might have to go the ppc route.
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    TreoCentral says they asked PalmOne about the failure rate for the TREO 600 and that Palmone will respond soon with the answer:


    Note the date.

    There is "soon" and there is "soon".

    Must be using PLMO-speak.

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    Here's something interesting.....I just received my 8th replacement Treo 600 due to various issues including speaker phone echo, yellow splotch's on the screen, flickering backlights etc. All my replacements came from Laredo Texas whether they were refurbs (first 5 or so) or new (last two) except the one I just got. It came from Wilmington, Ohio. Wonder if that means it was manufactured somewhere different........and better I hope. Would just like to get past the 90 days wo a problem cropping up so I don't feel compelled to get another replacement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cywong
    ARRRRGHHH! My touchscreen DIED yesterday too. Just died by it's own choosing. Didn't drop it or anything.

    Anyway, called PalmOne and told that 8 - 10 business days for replacement to reach me, due to customs clearance or some crap like that. I live in KL, Malaysia and the defective units get sent to Singapore. If you live in Singapore, you can get a replacement in 2-3 days!

    I am lost without my Treo. All my data, addresses, phone numbers, stock updates etc etc etc. I am now going back to using a Nokia and hell, I hate to compose an sms on that thing. Give me a keyboard anytime.

    Believe it or not, this will be my 5th replacement as well. Can't remember what the first 3 replacements were for but the 4th was for the buzzing sound.
    I'm waiting for my 1st replacement. Mine just keeps reseting. Does PalmOne only replace units during their warranty period? Does anyone know how long that is? I'm scared!! I may just buy me the new Sony Ericson. I cant deal with 5-6 "replacements"
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    After watching all these posts on the boards, I just had my first replacement. The radio chip died, so that I couldn't make any calls even though the Palm portion worked perfectly. It was actually pretty minimal hassle. Verizon sent me a new phone the next day, and activated one of my backup phones for the interim.
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    Yes, VZW is pretty good about replacements. My second replacement is in the mail and they activated my Kyocera 7135 until next week. It is working fine with Wireless Sync also.

    I'd like to see a firmware upgrade to address some of these cronic problems.
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