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    I just called Exec Relations.

    And they're sending another Treo

    The halo that is on my screen and the yellow dot is considered damage.

    The agent said, that just for this time they'll wave the "replacement fee". Gee Thanks.

    Mother F'er.

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    I guess it's a testament to the Treo's functionality that y'all are willing to put up with exchanging it out 6, 7, 8, 9 times........

    I used the Treo 600 (Verizon) for 5 days and exchanged it twice trying to find one that would consistently see the SD card (no luck). Finally decided that it wasn't worth the effort and went back to my Kyo 7135.

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    I am on my 3rd unit and have had to implement some of the "fixes" that do it yourselfers do

    It is the build quality that distresses me the most and spurns me to consider other platforms...but not until after the Treo 650 as that appears to be the only smartphone on the horizon that will support EDGE
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    HELP!!! After going through three different Sprint customer service idiots, they promised me a replacement by UPS. Today, by UPS, after a week, I received a packet. In it was an empty UPS return envelope and a piece of paper that reads"PCS Handset Return Kit" What the hell is with these idiots?!!! How do I get them to send me my new replacement for my bad ESN Treo that is constantly having problems?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger Beer
    My Treo 600 touchscreen just became unresponsive to the stylus today. The digitzer screen will not accept any commands from the stylus. I called PalmOne, and they told me that there no reported similar fault.

    I had to take a digital picture to proof that I did not drop it and the screen is undamaged. To make matter worst, they say that a replacement will take between 10 days to 2 weeks. This will be my #4 replacement for different problems. #1 is for the buzzing sound, #2 is for the off-centered screen with a yellow shade on the screen. #3 is the failed digitizer screen. What is next?

    Other this these problem, the Treo 600 is a joy to work with. But ......

    HELP! HELP! Looks like I have to go backward to use a Nokia.

    ARRRRGHHH! My touchscreen DIED yesterday too. Just died by it's own choosing. Didn't drop it or anything.

    Anyway, called PalmOne and told that 8 - 10 business days for replacement to reach me, due to customs clearance or some crap like that. I live in KL, Malaysia and the defective units get sent to Singapore. If you live in Singapore, you can get a replacement in 2-3 days!

    I am lost without my Treo. All my data, addresses, phone numbers, stock updates etc etc etc. I am now going back to using a Nokia and hell, I hate to compose an sms on that thing. Give me a keyboard anytime.

    Believe it or not, this will be my 5th replacement as well. Can't remember what the first 3 replacements were for but the 4th was for the buzzing sound.
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    Has anyone here ever had a GOOD replacement the first time around. So far every post on here has had 3 or 4+ replacements, but are you the norm. or the exception? I guess it doesn't help that I'm reading a thread devoted to bad replacements.
    My T600 works great (100% perfect) except for the circular halo on the screen (well and this wierd call break-up bug that a lot of people have.) I'm concerned that my refurb replacment will have someone else's damage that I'll have to deal with and I'll be getting basically a replacement that's worse than what I already have.
    Secondly, have any idea if the refurbs have NEW batteries, or do the leave other people's old-assed batteries in the units?
    I have no clue what to expect from my refurb., I was hoping to get something that is in basically new condition.
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    Back when my company was the repair and logistics distributer for Treo 180/270, (the 300s were repaired and shipped in bulk to Sprint directly) we fully charged every returned phone to 100%, ran full testing diagnostics, used a stylus to run through all the initial screens, tested the radio (what the "phone" part was called), cosmetically cleaned it or replaced plastics with new plastics, then had someone look at every unit for the ability to turn on and for the screen to look good.

    We replaced a lot of screens, logic boards, batteries, speakers, etc. with new parts from the factory. A lot of these brand-new parts also failed. But, every unit that we pulled out to audit for repair quality after the final testing worked correctly at that time.

    I was always baffled at seeing the same person with 3 or 4 returns. (this was rare!) Was it bad luck? Was it a gorilla for a delivery driver? I myself still have my original 300 with no problems and have had 1 replaced 600 (for known battery issue - dropped calls on battery, no problems when connected to sync cable). My replacement unit works fine.

    All of the various computer systems to manage the repair process are supposed to be connected, but that's a stretch. The reality is that we had to force the system to be inflexible in order to meet our customer's requirements for double-checking orders and other various problems that occur in the fulfillment business.

    I know this doesn't help anyone out, but in reality, most people receive a good, refurbished replacement unit in a short amount of time.
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    guys: when you say replacement do you pay $35 or just replace without any charge?
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    I got one for free. I gave my credit card number in case I didn't send back the old one though
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    me too? earpiece is not working and I can't return the item to the ebay seller (although sold as new). Any suggestions?
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    I got a refurbished Treo 600 when the hinge on my 300 broke. It's working fine. I hope I haven't jinxed it by posting this.
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    I had the buzz issue and fixed it myself. Other than that my T600 Sprint has been a champ. Had it since the first week they came out. I have dropped it and abused it more than I would a laptop but less than I might a cheap Nokia handset.

    I have a GSM too I use for traveling. This has been a trooper too - I updated it when the ROM update appeared. I had a few weird crashes happen then but by removing some of the tricking-out software, I got it back to normal.
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    Just got my new 600 through lockline new to this side of the board. Way back when we 300 early adopters were getting no response from Sprint, someone posted a link to the appropriate governmental agency (FCC?) to file a formal complaint. I RECEIVED a call from Sprint, and they had to send a letter to the FCC to "close" the complaint. I'll search the 300 boards to see if I can find the link.

    Good luck.
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    It was actually the FTC. Try it, it works!

    Here, if you are paying for a product that Sprint offered you, yet knows does not work - that my friends is FRAUD. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

    Sprint had over 5,000 complaints to the FTC and Better Business Bureau Last Year.

    Here is a link for your convenience.


    File a complaint with the FTC

    You will need Sprint's contact information, here it is :

    Name of Company You Are Complaining about: Sprint PCS Group
    Street Address: P.O. Box 11315
    City: Kansas City
    State or Canadian Province: Missouri
    Country: UNITED STATES
    Zip Code or Postal Code: 64112
    Company Web Site:
    Company E-Mail Address:
    Phone Number: (913)624-3000Ext.

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    I hope I'm not joining the multiple replacement club. My PalmOne branded Treo, bought from AT&T at the end of June, had been much more reliable than my Kyocera 6035. I suffered none of the problems others have reported. I had to reboot only once in two months, and phone performance has been very nearly as good as our other GSM phones.

    A few days ago, without its being dropped or abused, the bottom 2/3 of the screen went dark, with an orange starburst on the right hand edge of the dark region. (It looks very artistic.) A replacment is due today. MY current phone serial number is HAGAD4216A2DP. The replacement is said to have #HAAAP4096A0NL. Does anyone have any idea how much older the replacement is? I've been very careful with my phone and with keeping the battery fully charged. An older phone will have a shorter battery life. Does Palm replace the battery when they do a refurb?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 100thMonkey
    I got one for free. I gave my credit card number in case I didn't send back the old one though
    OK. Now that my phone again did not arrive, I was told that I have to give them my credit card number and they send a new one and once I send the old one back they credit me back for the charge on the new one. Is this what you all went through? Originally they said they'd add the charge on my monthly bill and as long as I sent the old one back they'd take the charge off my bill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jc924
    I got a refurbished Treo 600 when the hinge on my 300 broke. It's working fine. I hope I haven't jinxed it by posting this.
    Call up palm support, give them the serial number, and ask if it's still under warrantee. They'll tell you. Don't offer that you bought it second hand unless you're asked or have to justify why they have records with a different name and address (if in fact they do, which they may not.) Chances are if the previous owner never called palm support before so the database may have no record of the purchase date or who the owner is.
    If that's the case I think they rely on your honesty as to the original purchase date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo600guy
    OK...they'd take the charge off my bill.
    I went through P1, not my carrier
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    I just got my new replacement Treo 600 since my old one kept resetting, etc. I did a restore device using Backup Man and all seemed ok until I go to Camera (or to Movie Rec) and the screen is all lines and static. It is not that it is blue dots or whatever, it is like a tv between channels! I had Pickem set as a program also and looked at it there as well and get the same thing. This did not happen on my old Treo 600. I know the Sprint Tech 2 people will be no help. Somebody! I did a search but found nothing on here.
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    OK. I figured out that it has something to do with the Saved Preferences file. If I restore everything other than that it is ok, except I obviously lose all my saved preferences. Any ideas as to how I can find what it is in the Saved Preferences file that is causing my camera issues and how do I fix that?
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