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    As with many of the Treo 270 owners here on this list, I found my 270 battery draining out in mere seconds and not minutes. This happened with no particular cause that I can recall and I tried my different chargers to no avail. I called the PalmOne support and they advised that I need to HARD RESET WHILE IT IS PLUGGED IN THE CHARGER.
    Apparently this was the solution. So I tried it and now my phone is back on track and appears to have solved the battery problem.

    I suspect now that the problem is the software and not the battery. It looks like a hardware problem but it is the bugs in the software that records the battery charging that has gone funny. Once I hard reset, the charging now takes the normal time and it looks like my battery is as good as before. Please make sure you back up your data BEFORE you HARD RESET!

    I hope those who had this problem will find this useful.

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    Maybe I'm missing something. I tried it, but no luck. Phone still says the battery is charged after about 5 minutes. Of course that's about all it will last after I unplug it too. Worst part is its a brand new battery that is "supposedly" rated for 100 mAh more than the original.
    Maybe I have a different problem. I plug the phone in, it starts charging, and then the light goes green in only a few minutes. if reset after unplugging the battery shows low. (< %20). But if I plug it back in, it goes green in no time.
    VERY Frustrated right now......

    My firmware rev is listed as 534c09gg.3

    Is there a newer version ? Where is it ?
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    So I did some poking around at and found that the reason for doing the hard reset whith the charged plugged in was to "Reset the charging circuitry" Soooooo I had already taken my treo apart and put the old battery back in to see if it was the new battery causing the problem, and it did the same thing. So I disconnected the battery, plugged in the charger, and THEN did a hard reset. It seemed to charge a little better, but not perfectly. So I then did another hard reset with the charger plugged in and this time, when the green light came on, the battery actually showed up as %100 on the battery details.
    I'm going to keep an eye on it and let you know if this has really taken care of it. It seems extreme to me really, and I'm not sure if this sequence would help anyone else out or not. But, there it is .....
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    Despite the solution I posted here, I started having problems with my battery again. I suspected that the problem could be how the system is managing the power supply wrt to the lighting and alarms etc. So I removed my BIGCLOCK software and reset it and reinstalled the bigclock again. Now everything is back to normal and my batteries can last longer than two days per charge. Hope this helps.

    How many of you having problems with the battery are using BIGCLOCK?
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    Actually, mine did the same thing. A few days later, terrible discharge rates and imediate chargeing. Not using Bigclock though. How ever, I recieved my 600 a week ago and now there is NO software on my 270 other than what is on it following a hard reset , and it does the same thing. I suspect, unfortunately, that you may find this fix to be temporary as well. (Sorry)
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    I've tried all three reset options, Soft, System and Hardon and off the charger to no avail. I couldn't find any other information on the PalmOne site to help. The weird thing is I had this problems last week at work and just started trying options and it finally worked. The only difference this time is the reset screen was flashing on and off. Anybody else have any luck? I really don't want to have to send this back, again.
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    You may be suffering from aging on your battery. Lithium Ion batteries should last about 1-2 years depending upon how you treat them. If you let the battery get very hot, you will permanently lose capacity e.g. leave in a car where it gets to 50+ Celsius. Also if you always let you battery drain to the red before you recharge, you will get a much shorter lifespan than if you constantly top it up. Lithium Ion batteries typically have the ability to be charged and discharged FULLY about 400 times but you can multiply that by 3 or even 5 for short partial charges.

    If you replace the battery with one that is third party, you run the risk of it misreporting low battery if the battery characteristics differ from the original. Impedance is particularly important because of the way Palm OS measures estimated battery life for the current charge.
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    Sounds like Poryphyron hit the nail on the head with my problem. Thing I forgot to mention was that my battery was a replacement. Today, I put the old battery back in, and it seems to be charging just fine. So, buyer beware. This is the battery I got from Its also rated at 950mAh vs 850mAh like the original. The one time that I did get it charged right, it did last quite a while though, but getting it charged right is the trick.
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    im now experiencing "fatal error..." after tapping calculator,citytime,security, simphone,simservices.... pls help... thanks...

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