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    I bought a TREO 600 last year on Sprint the first week they came out. I loved this unit, but it started having the "Network Search" issues and was replaced with a new unit about a month ago (both were hardware C and had the first one had been updated to 1.2).

    After having this new unit for a month, I can say that the RF performance is terrible compared to my original one. On my commute from work, there are two areas where voice becomes garbled (for a few minutes) and you will drop calls every time on the new unit.

    The original unit sometimes would go down to 0 bars signal strength, but almost always kept the call for my entire commute and always had voice clarity until the call dropped.

    I came over from Verizon and switched largely because I got RF for my entire commute. I would say the performance with this new unit is now worse than Verizon, one of the main reasons I switched. Very frustrating…

    Anyone else notice any difference with a new / refurbished unit? I will take it into a store, but I bet it will “pass” all tests…

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    Is your replacement refurbished? If so, it's probably a bad phone. You can get a new one if you raise the "network search" issue, which low RF performance in fringe areas is an early symptom of. See: The 1.20 update seems to trigger this issue in susceptible phones, and refurbs in the susceptible range do not have the problem fixed.

    I'm on my 4th phone. My problem is bad reception in my office. The original phone was a C and had reception problems only after updating to 1.20. The middle two were refurbs with 1.20 and had even worse reception. The last phone was new with 1.10, and I haven't updated it (afraid to!). This last phone still does not get a good signal (mostly "no service") in my office, but it's NEW and not in the known range of phones with the "network search" issue.

    I'm beginning to think that the bad RF reception is due to some change on Sprint's network that occurred around the time of the 1.20 update on May 13. Some people have mentioned foliage as a possible cause, but the problem started overnight. Previous to that time, I always had one bar and never had a problem making calls or even streaming music through pTunes at my location. A Sprint technician came out to check the signal. He's going to check power on the nearest cell (has to take it offline) and get back to me.

    I think it's odd that people used to experience their phones reporting "network search," but after mid-May everyone now reports "no service" instead. Even my phone without the 1.20 update reports "no service," so it's not due to the update. It appears to me to be a change on the Sprint network, but no one I've spoken to at Sprint has been aware of it.

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