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    So I have a Treo 300. And I want to Sync it with my Mac. So I downloaded and installed The newest Palm Desktop, 4.2.1. It never seems to successfully install the first time but after a few attempts it always seems to succeed. So Then I also installed the iSync Conduit so I can sync it with my Address Book and iCal since the palm desktop itself is dumb. Then I went into the Palm software and enabled the conduit. At this point the Palm does show as an item in iSync. Now, from everything I've seen so far, this is all you need to do. Just hit the hotsync button now and your off and Sync'in. Problem is, at this point, every time you hit the hotsync button, the palm goes instantly to the Connection screen and the whole palm freezes solid. Cancel is on screen but pushing it does nothing, None of the buttons do anything, they all have no effect, except that reset button on the back. Meanwhile, on the G5, nothing happens when you do this. Not a goddamn thing! There is an article on this site that says just install the desktop, throw out Palm OS 3.5 or something, and hit sync. But that doesn't work. Do I maybe have a problem with my palm? Or is this some problem on my Macs software?


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    Hi, I am not sure what problem you are having, but I am able to get this set up to work. Rather than a Treo problem, I think this might be a problem with your software. You might want to reinstall isync according to this thread:

    This helped me once when I had a problem. You also might want to check the apple support questions and answers in the above section of the apple forum.

    If this does not work, then maybe it is your Palm Desktop software and you might want to throw out everything with the name Palm on it, the desktop folder, the conduit folder in library/application support, the prefs, the Palm user folder everything (make a copy of these for backup and keep in another location). Then reinstall Desktop 4.2.1 and try again.

    Good luck

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