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    Hi All,

    I want to dismantle my Treo... for a couple of reasons.

    A) There is something wedged inthe botton of the stylus "hole" so the stylus is loose.

    B) I want to convert the phone to a "flipless" model as some of you guys already have. (Will be looking to use a different speaker, have some resources in this area available to me).

    I have remove the 4 screws on the back, but can't seem to seperate the 2 halves. What am I missing?

    I have seen some vague descriptions of removing the flip, but can;t seem to do that either.

    I guess I have been a bit gentle with the unit as I don't want to break anything yet.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.


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    I used my thumbnail to open the case by sliding it at the edges until each clip snaps. Be careful with the battery wire, the black plastic on top that holds the ringer switch, power button and LED window. Also, the strap holder at the top is easy to lose. Lastly, be careful that you don't put too much pressure on the rocker switch and headphone jack.

    As for the flip, I don't know how to remove it. Can anyone please give us instructions for this?
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    oh and to remove the front cover, first disconnect the black and red speaker wire at the top, remove the internal screw near the sim card, and separate the guts from the case. Its easier to do than removing the back cover.

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