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    I am very interested to know, whether the Treo 600 enables one to read email without a pop3 account, that is using yahoo mail for example, or
    because, I'd like to buy one of those unlocked and use it with a pay as you go SIM Card, without being tied down to any payment plan, neither with yahoo nor with a mobile phone provider...

    also what about Ebay and more complex sites like that, do they work acceptably?

    is this realistic at all.
    if not, I'll just wait for the likes of motorola mpx and its windows 2003,
    if they won't offer basic features like that either, it wouldn't be what I would call advancement of technology...

    thank you
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    For yahoo, the wap portal works great:

    For ebay, you can use the following treo formated url that works well also:
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