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    i am running out of space on my treo(i have a few sd cards with different things on them) can i move all programs onto the sd cards so anytime i have any of the sd' cards in i will have all my programs?
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    Yes. THere are 3rd party apps that let you run "any" program from the SD card. Some programs can be loaded to the SD card natively with no prolms at all.
    Example of apps I run frmo the SD card with no trouble are:

    Both teal auto and splashmoney have to have the data files on the palm mem, but move the large(ish) prc files over with filez and it works fine. I also store all of my ebooks (65meg and counting) on the SD card, and MObipocket can see them fine!
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    Various launcher applications like "Launcher X" or "Z Launcher" allow you to both move and run applications from the SD card.

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