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    I just started with my Treo 600. I am noticing that my SD card seems a bit slow. I know it's always going to be slower than main memeory but it seems even slow for a flash mem device. I've owned palms and other gadgetry with flash memory and am comparing to that experience as well.

    The card I have is supposedly a lexar brand name but it was from an Ebay auction and the lexar lable was a decal.

    Does anyone have any experience with SD card speeds and can recommend a fast card?

    Have any benchmarks been posted?

    I'm looking for benchmarks done on a treo 600 as opposed to generic benchmarks. I'd bet there are some cards out there that are supposed to be fast but it makes no difference if the device in question cannot take advantage of the speed.

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    Yes, do a search.
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    There are also different speeds between different models within the same brand. Do a search on some digital camera forums--they go nuts over specs because of how the speed of their SD and Compact Flash cards affects their ability to rapidly snap multiple photos in a row.

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