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    Please I need assistance. I have upgraded my TMO T600 with the Palm One recommended firmware V1.12. My treo now is stuck in a soft reset loop everytime it is done hotsyncing. I have been hard resetting and moving programs from my backup folder a couple at a time that i thought might be interfering with the new boot. I have taken out Lightwav, Z-Launcher, and a few other 3rd party programs that change system prefs. Does anyone have any experience with Utilities that have not been compatible with the new firmware upgrades? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for your help!
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    Couple of thoughts

    to get out of the loop - try a debug reset - -just hold the up key while it resets. this should get you safe.

    Now you have to figure out what app is causing the problem.
    Alarm List will show what apps are registered for notifications - but this sounds like a bad response to the 'hotsync just complete' launch code which goes to all apps.

    If you hold up after the initial reset - you might be able to get the culprit by dialling #*err
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    i was having a similar problem last night, i first did a hotsync backed up my data, then i did a hard reset. i created a new profile on for palmdesktop, i exported my items, then i deleted the old profile, (warning make sure you test your backup first). then i finally did another hotsync, and that was it new firmware, no more reset looping
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    Thanks! That is what I ended up doing. It turns out that the firmware didnt install correctly the first couple times around, so with the hard reset and a blank slate, I installed the firmware on a new USER ID (Test1) so it wouldnt try to install my backedup files at the same time. After doing that, I did another hotsync with all my files, and they reinstalled fine without an reset loop. Whew!
    If anyone else has this same problem, go to Palm One and click on support / knowledge library. Go to the bottom of the page and type in the solution ID# 26571. It will line it all out more clearly than I did here. Thanks!
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    The direct link to the knowledgebase is

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