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    I have searched this forum for a solution to this problem, found others with similar issues but no definite resolution posted.

    I have 2 accounts through T-Mobile, 1 business and 1 personal. I was using the Nokia phones sent to me by T-Mobile with SIM cards.

    I purchased a Treo 600 for the business account and a 180g for the personal account. 48 hours before the 600 arrived I added the GPRS service to that account. When the 600 arrived I placed the SIM card in, it recognized the network, phone works, web brower works, no issues.

    The 180g arrived yesterday. I placed the non GPRS SIM card in and the phone will not recognize the network. I am going to use the 180g as a PDA and phone ONLY, I have no plans to add the web browsing capability to this phone. In an attempt to troubleshoot the issue I placed the GPRS actived SIM card in the phone and it does not recognize the network. The SIM card still works in the Nokia phone and the 180g pulls data from the SIM card as it will show my phone number and phone directory.

    So far neither T-Mobile nor Palm/Handspring have been able to help.

    The software version is 1.1.1. I have located the 1.1.2 software upgrade on the Palm/Handspring UK website but cannot locate the info on the Asian Telco code or info referenced in other posts on the forum. The phone came locked to T-Mobile but that should not be an issue as I am a T-Mobile subscriber.

    What do I need to do to get this phone to work?
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    Where are you? Might help others find a solution to your problem...seems to be beyond my expertise. When I got my (many) 180g, they didn't work until I did the GPRS software upgrade...
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    I'm in the U.S., specifically mid west.
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    sent you the url for those pages on this site. search the site not the discussion forum for "gprs updater". remember that a ton of old posts were lost with the server crash...

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