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    Abot a weed ago I installed the 1.2 Treo firmware and have had two accedental hard resets when I unplug the power cord. Is this a known problem with 1.2? What is the work around?

    If this happens when I am on travel, it would be really bad.

    Danny D
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    I've had this happen several times myself but not due to the firmware upgrade (as it occurred both before and after). The basic root of the problem for me is, I believe, the dreaded "Network Search" (or now, "No Service") issue as my phone has now had some extreme problems placing any type of call unless I have a completely full signal. And, when the battery is low (below 30%) and I've begun to charge it, if it is in a weak signal area where the transmitter is having a hard time reaching the tower, it'll do a hard reset every single time. My solution is to keep everything backed up via BackupMan.

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    Is Backup man software that backs up your system to an SD card? Problem is I don't have an SD card.

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