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    Using Business Connect Enterprise Edition (version on Treo 600s, my whole office is unable to download email attachments. If I click on an email attachment, another screen comes up with a box to check to download the first 3K of an attachment. However, the Treo doesn’t let me actually check this box.

    Our IT guy has called Sprint numerous times support on this issue, and has gotten responses as varied as “Treo 600s do not allow the viewing of attachments,” to “you have to download the patch at the ‘Handspring’ site” (not even Palmone!).

    Does anyone know what we need to do to download email attachments?
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    Have your IT get a hold of the people that provisioned the service for you at Sprint and accept no substitutes. Inform them they need to log on as an OA (Operator Admin) in order to enable the service. All they need is your Service ID identifier. With this they can locate the screen where you are provisioned and have them click on the Service Name they setup for you. On this screen there is an option to enable File View. I don't recall whether they may charge you for this feature though. See my other posts on the types of file attachments that are supported - they are buried in the BCPE threads. That nonsense about the 600 not supporting or having to download a patch is just plain wrong. Keep in mind though there is a limited susbet of docs that can be viewed and they are converted at the server into a text document which means you can't view them natively in somthing like Docs to Go for example.
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    What I do is forward these from my PCSBCPE to another email address and then retrieve them with SnapperMail. I then have no problem viewing them. I bit kludgy but it works.
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