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    I'm tyring to change the wallpaper on the phone screen. The only option I have is to look through what apprears to be pictures taken with the built in camera. Images I've taken with the camera and moved to another program (like SplashPhoto) can't be found either. There isn't even an option to look through your card for images. I don't remember this being that complicated in the past. Am I missing something?
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    I found I had to move the images off my card back to the camera and then I could use them as wallpaper...but it's a drag.
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    Yup, I had to move the image off the card back to the camera (and leave it there) and then I could use it as wallpaper. Don't know why it won't recognize images kept elsewhere.
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    Thanks for confirming this. Btw, how did you move the images back to "camera"? I'm using FileZ and can't seem figure out where to move them. It's easy to move stuff around on the card but I don't seem to find "camera", much less view any directories as I do with the SD card.

    I appreciate any help.
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    In camera tap the icon that looks like files that is next to the camera icon in the lower left corner. There is a drop down menu in the upper left that allows you to choose between all, your own categories, unfiled, and your SD card. Select card. Pick your photo and then hit the "menu" button. Select move and then pick your category. Then hit the "menu" button again to select it for wallpaper. Voila!
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    As I said in my 1st post, my problem is once I move a photo to a program like SplashPhoto, I'm not able to re-acquire it in Camera. Thus I have no way of setting those images up as wallpaper.

    I was interested in a previous post where you stated you moved pictures back to Camera (Read post #4). It might help solve my issue. Thanks Aphra for your help.
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    I don't use splashphoto...where are the images stored? Zlauncher has a file manager (if you have Zlauncher) where you should be able to move the file to the card...and then move it to the camera? Wish I could be more help. Good luck!

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