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    I have my Treo setup to send recieve email via my exchange server. It works great. How can I move attachments on emails on my treo to the SD card I have? I want to be able to move them back and forth between my laptop. This is so I cna open certain attachments on my laptop.

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    which email program do you use?
    snappermail provides a capability to save the attachment on the SD card.
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    I am using the default email application o nthe treo to send and recieve email via my exchange server.
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    Under the about mail its the Handspring Mail V. 1.01
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    not sure if you can save attachments to the SD card. but if you can save ur attachments in your treo (ram), you can move the files using Filez from ram to SD card.

    depending how badly you want to have the files in the SD card. not sure if there has another way around.

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