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    Is there a source yet for replacement Treo600 plastic covers/case?

    My Treo600 is showing sign of wear and I'd like to "make it new" again

    Has anyone found a source and done this yet?? A guide on dismantling it etc would be nice -or is this "in my dreams"

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    My solution is similar to that of many (though not admitted
    Just find a "problem' with your Teo and have PalmUno send you a brand spanking one.....

    Yeah...I know... I know.... the horror!!
    I have detailed files.
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    Yeh, i thought it would be a good idea to scratch SPRINT off the front of my phone, which revealed the clearness of the plastic underneath. After I got sick of that, I decided to paint it silver... Bad idea.
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    mine was looking bad also...heres what i did. the treo has a 1 year warrenty. i just go into sprint tell them something is wrong...they test fails...they replace. im happy with a new good looking t600. ive done it 3 times. & ill do it one more time before i buy the treo ace, so ill have a new t600 to post on ebay
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