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    I'm looking for a commercial ToDo type application or ToDo app enhancement that permits me to:

    - manage multipe ToDo lists
    - see mmultiple ToDo lists at the same time
    - seamlessly cooperates and synchronizes with the classic Palm ToDo database
    - [optional] supports outline as in Bonsai or ThoughtManager

    The reason for the need to synchronize with the Palm ToDo database is because I'm a power user of the Office ToDo facility and I want to refer to the MS Office ToDo facility for entering AND viewing my to do's on the desktop. I don't want to use a 3'rd party To Do equivalent as I normally get To Do type requests from co-workers with the current MS Office/Exchange integration (i.e. you can email a ToDo in Outlook and once received, it automatically gets in your desktop to do facility. From there, I can synchronize and it's in my palm pilot database).

    In any case, has anyone any recommendations for a software equivalent that can enhance the current Palm To Do app or provide an alternative to the classic Palm To Do app that meets my requirements shown above?

    I've used a great and free ToDo type app called Projects

    ..but it doesn't synchronize with the Palm ToDo database. By the way, I'd be willing to pay someone if they had interest in customizing the free Projects source to meet the requirements above.

    Looking forward to a response. Thanks for answering.


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    In my opinion ToDo Now is the best ToDo Palm application available.
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    This looks like a real cool app. My highest priority need is for the app to support multiple to do lists. Can this app do that? I basically need the ability to have sub-categories. For instance

    List 1 (with 10 items) has Category Web & Sub Category PHP
    List 2 (with 10 items) has Category Web & Sub Category dHTML
    List 3 (with 10 items) has Category Web & Sub Category WAP

    Maybe this is accomplished with filters of some sort. Please advise and I'll purchase today.



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