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    I do send / receives, too, but sometimes actually going to my Yahoo folders is faster, and let's me access other things. So the last month or so, haven't been able to connect to Yahoo's mail login. I can download through the Mail Applet connecting to Yahoo,no problem. But I can't actually sign on to Yahoo's mobile.mail page and review the folders manually.

    I try to seems to take my PW and login. It redraws the page, but intstead of sending me to the folders and logging me in, it simply returns me to the login page, with my pw and login now blank. I enter again--same thing. Can't login.

    Complained to Yahoo, got an email back saying they didn't know but would forward to someone else. Never heard back.

    Anyone else experiencing this, and have any solutions?
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    Sounds like your web cookies file is corrupt. From the launcher select delete from the pulldown menu look for the web cookies file and delete it. This should solve your porblem.
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    I can access my Yahoo Mail via send/receive and also via the web on my treo 600. My bookmark is That's the shortcut. You can also get there from I have seen the symptom that you are talking about, where it just keeps redrawing the login page, but not in a long time.

    Hey, I have a question for you. I have certain emails directed into yahoo folders that I created, but I don't get access to those folders on my treo. Nor do new emails in those folders get downloaded into my treo. Any ideas?

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