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    I remember several years ago seeing a fake beeper whose button you could press when you wanted to get out of a boring meeting. Something like 2 minutes later (long enough so no one would associate you fiddling with your beeper), the beeper would sound and you could frown, look at its display, and run out of the meeting mumbling about something urgent. I don't suppose there's anything like that for the Treo 270, is there?
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    lol. this is a good one. Have not heard of such application, but it should be fun to make.
    Did you use Profeo today ?
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    You're ahead of me - I was planning to add this to Phone Technician. Hold phone key down for 5sec, then the phone rings x mins later. Emergency get out of date/ get out of meeting call!
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    I used to have this on my old 270, I think it was called geeksounds or something similar. i'll try to find it and let you know.
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    Thanks, ExtraOrdinaryJo. I'll keep an eye out for your posting.
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    Found it. NerdAlert. Kinda pricey, but definitely does what you're looking for.

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    How about setting your Calendar alarm sound to be a pager / phone ringing sound, then set yourself an alarm?
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    1) Use cardkeeper. Have it permanently set to sound a first reminder after sixty seconds (which is the limit, I believe), then when you find yourself needing to be excused from a boring meeting, or whatever, just surreptitiously eject your expansion card.

    2) Create an alarm MP3 with a two-minute silent introduction (or however long you like). Then just activate pTunes, or whatever is your default player, whenever you desire escape from that boring situation.

    3) Send yourself a pre-configured SMS.
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    Thanks for the replies. I was looking for something that would allow me to unobtrusively reach over to my belt where my Treo hangs, then press and hold for several seconds a hardware button (or combo of two buttons) on my 270--the phone, datebook, blazer or SMS button--and have an alarm sound a minute or two later. I was hoping to not have to open the lid and start an application. I'm trying to contact the makers of NerdAlert to ask if this is possible, but I can't get their contact page to load.

    Oh, well!

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