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    I have Pocket Tunes and one of those headphone adapters, and the T6 functions admirably as an MP3 player.

    Until I try to plug it into this little headphone amplifier/signal mixer that I use while on my bike. It combines the audio output from a stereo source, an FRS radio, and my RADAR detector.

    Using a normal MP3 player or CD player, the system works well. When I try to use my T6, I get no signal into the system, and the audio doesn't cut out from the speakerphone like it does when I use headphones. I assume the cutout is electronic, and not mechanical. What I'm trying to solve is getting the switch to recognise that the headphone jack is in use, even though it's being plugged into an amp, and not headphones.

    Interestingly, when I use a 1/8 stereo to stereo RCA cables, there's no problem. Any advice?
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    you need to use the stereo adapter if you arent already.
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