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    I currently use a T300 for work, but in the next month or so we will be getting the T600. I just have a few questions for you 600 vets. Rumor has it when we get the new phones that cameras will be disabled, any ideas how this might be done? Also another rumor is that these phones have some kind of GPS built in, Would this be true or false? The rumor mill always runs full tilt when we get new wireless devices, Appreciate any info.
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    There are two ways to disable the camera.
    1) The company may have ordered the new Treos which are the cameraless version.
    2) Motionapps makes a program called mCamLock which can be installed by individuals or corporations to lock the camera functionality until a password is entered.

    As far as GPS, I think the Treo 600 only has the AGPS which is partial GPS. The phone can't do what normal GPS can do on its own (tell you your location), but the phone in conjunction with the towers from the tower side can locate where you are.
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    Thanks for info...

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