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    I downloaded it fine, but can't input any birthdays, or get it to recognize anything in my calender.
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    It's not supposed to read your calendar.

    You have to:
    1) rename one of the custom fields in your contacts to be Birthday (or whatever else you want it to say): open up contacts, then menu, options, rename custom fields
    2) put people's birthdays in the Birthday field
    3) in HappyDays, menu, options, preferences, and make sure that the custom field matches the custom field you have in your contacts database
    4) then rescan address book

    BTW - did you RTFM? Most of what I said is on page 2 of the manual. The only thing the manual doesn't make clear is that in the HappyDays preferences, the name of the custom field is not necessarily Birthday when you first install the program!
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