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    Has anyone used one of these to get GPS on their Treo 600? If so.. what software is the best for GPS on a Palm device? The only reason I am looking at this route is that there isn't Bluetooth support yet.

    DeLorme - Earthmate
    Part #: 100070I-GPS
    Handspring Treo 90/180/270/300/600

    Directly connect the Delorme Earthmate GPS to the Handspring Treo 90/180/270/300/600.
    Currently not working with the Delorme Xmap software on the 300 or 600 models. Delorme is working on a solution.
    Will work with any other mapping/GPS software.
    Added Value: Includes a cigarette lighter adapter cable that will power the GPS device!
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    Interesting that the Treo isn't listed on the Delorme web site. I also searched their support site and found no results.


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