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    I've owned my Treo 600 since the beginning and had the Treo 300 before that. The Treo as a notebook replacement (when being used for say 15 minutes) has always intregued me. I can picture sitting in a lazy boy recliner watching a game and pulling out my treo from a compartment under the armrest (see the Lazy Boy Explorer for example) to get an obscure sports stat.

    Most of the time, I'm in my house or at work (which both have high speed internet connections), so a fulltime replacement isn't that necessary. If I'm going to do major work I'll have to get off my lazy boy and get my laptop or what not.

    After reading about the article on TreoCentral about the keyboard sale on Think Outside's site, I was thinking this would be a key gadget to have in my lazy boy compartment. I suppose a pair of speakers that can play mp3s off the Treo would be nice as well. A device that allows me to use the Treo as a conduit with my home phone would also in that compartment. The ability to use the Treo as a remote (powered more by the SD for longer range?) would be another example.

    What other hardware or software items would make your list as necessary for not just a notebook replacement, but something that could be the center of all your information needs and possibly automation controls.

    If possible it would be great to format responses as things like:

    Available now
    Hardware 1 - (reasons)
    Hardware 2 - (reasons)
    Hardware 3 - (reasons)
    Software 1 - (reasons)
    Software 2 - (reasons)
    Software 3 - (reasons)

    Available future (add-ons that seem plausible in the next year or Treo 610)
    Hardware 1 - (reasons)
    Hardware 2 - (reasons)
    Hardware 3 - (reasons)
    Software 1 - (reasons)
    Software 2 - (reasons)
    Software 3 - (reasons)

    I think this has the potential to be a very fun thread.
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    Actually, the only way to justify the price I paid was to to consider the Treo 600 a "light" notebook rather than a "heavy" PDA. And it is. My intention is also to enhance it into a more complete replacement for bringing a notebook on travels. I've put lots of links in my message below.

    So far I have the Treo and a Palm Wireless Keyboard. I chose the Wireless Keyboard instead of the OEM Treo keyboard so that I could use the same keyboard for future PDA devices and not have to buy another keyboard. I've been happy with the Wireless Keyboard, although the driver that came with it sometimes turns on by itself and it interferes with the Mail application when turned on. I haven't installed the latest version of the driver from Palm yet, which has been suggested to fix one or both of these minor problems. I use Documents-to-Go which some here at TreoCentral have reported is a problem with some of the other keyboards that work with the Treo.

    I carry a small SD card reader for transferring files from PC's (hotel and convention floor) onto the Treo's SD card. This is a lot faster (and cheaper!) than moving large files wirelessly. When Card Export 2 is available for the Treo, I'll switch to that.

    The next component is likely to be a GPS module. Driving in unknown cities definitely calls for one. There are several serial ones that can work and I'll choose when I'm ready to buy. I'm already using Mapopolis software on the Treo.

    The last component is a larger screen. The Margi Presenter-to-Go hardware/software, while specifically designed for use with a projector display, includes a component (Margi Mirror) that will replicate the PDA's screen on a monitor. It doesn't create a VGA/XGA PC desktop or anything; just a larger version of the PDA screen. I purchased a smallish (13") Sceptre LCD monitor (WalMart has them) for use with a secondary computer at home, and it is suitable for slipping into a notebook computer case and taking on the road. I've also pondered using one of the portable LCD monitors designed for cars.

    The idea for the LCD screen is that working on long documents back at the hotel would really benefit from sitting at a desk with a proper keyboard and a larger display. The keyboard travels with me since it's small and useful for document editing during breaks, but the monitor and Margi module would stay back at the hotel for long work sessions. I'd bring it with me if I need to show a group of people a Kinoma movie or a PowerPoint/Presenter-to-Go presentation.

    My keyboard, headsets, card reader, extra SD cards, headset adapters, and a copy of my latest Hotsync backups burned to mini-CD all travel with me in a nice CD case with the CD envelopes pulled out.

    Anyway, that's the fantasy and the progress toward it! I hope it helps.
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    Looks to me like an $800 low end notebook would do the trick even better, and you just transfer files back and forth between the Treo and it (when at the hotel). Taht way you get full screen capcability, not just enlarged Treo screen.
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    But I can't carry an $800 notebook computer in my pocket when walking around. And it'd look silly when I held it up to my head to use the phone, eh?

    But if you mean for having a second device back at the hotel, yeah, a cheap notebook ($800) might be the way to go, rather than the Margi Presenter-to-Go ($200) plus LCD screen ($200). Somewhat more expensive. For me it may really come down to whether Presenter-to-Go is useful for other purposes.
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    Thanks for the ideas Mercer. I've been thinking of getting the GPS myself. I hadn't thought of Presenter, but it seems like a good enough idea if the price becomes right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mercer
    Actually, the only way to justify the price I paid was to to consider the Treo 600 a "light" notebook rather than a "heavy" PDA. ....
    Excellent post!

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