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    Not sure why this is. I just purchased 3.0.1c. I have no problem in Blazer, but in Web Pro, I can access the mobile site, get to the mobile list of discussions, but when I actually get to a forum, such as the T600 one, it displays as if I am no longer on the mobile site and is unbearable. The URL displays as treo.discuss.treocentral etc (as it should) rather than like my desktop does. Also, it seems to have trouble keeping me logged in.

    Anyone able to get this to work? This is using proxy mode. I haven't tried it in normal view without the proxy, but don't want too because it's so slow.
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    You need to use it in non-proxy mode to view the mobile forum. It should not be slow as it is a small site.
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    Thanks. That's annoying though. Blazer for me is actually quicker in that case.

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