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    OK. I am confused about the firmware update. I have checked my Treo and here is the information regarding my "phone info". Firmware - 02.12 and Software - 1.11.

    My question is this. Do I need a firmware update or not? And, if I do, where do I get it and what will it do for me? Thanks for the help.
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    According to the page: "The update features performance and reliability enhancements."

    The most notable of these that many of us installed it for is the voice recording capabilities.
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    Thanks for the information regarding where to look for the update. However, you did not answer my question about whether or not I need the update according to the information that I presented in my first thread. Thanks again.
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    Actually, that web site does answer your question (on the right side of the page):
    "If your software version number is lower than 1.12, this software update is for you."

    Since your software is listed as 1.11 you do not have the latest firmware.
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