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    Oh, guys,

    I had three times gsm-radio problem during one year, so now I have my fourth T180 device. By this newest and also by recent one I experienced, that battery's life is from pure beginning very poor. I made few calls (in total time around 9 minutes) and it turned off the gsm connection without warning during the call, as if battery was totaly drained. I checked the battery status by Filez application, and it showed 38%. I suspect my local handspring man from providing me bad (or not new) units. He's that kind of man.

    As for here in Slovak republic there's no offer to upgrade to T600 for better price, I have to be prepared to use oldie-goldie T180 in next few months (sure, affraid of next unit radio problems ).

    That handspring guy told me, that there is no possibility to buy new [better] battery into T180, for it is not removable. However, my question is, is it really this way? Or have some of you experience with changing or otherwise solving battery problems with T180?.

    Thanx, all...
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    Don't know if they ship outside the U.S., but the following sites may help:
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    don't worry, you can solve your problem without major investment - battery that comes with last Nokia phones is perfect replacement for old Treo battery :-) Almost a year ago I replaced battery in my good old Treo 270, and I don't think there is any difference between 180 and 270 batteries.. Pls search the forum and you'll find my report re this issue where I mention exact part number of the battery I used.

    Good luck,

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    Many thanks, Vorozhbyt, and long live Kyiv! (my classmates from secondary school were there in 1987, but I had study results not enough good to take part on that trip, what a pity - they told me nice stories about their time in Kyiv... ) ... sorry for offtopic :-). Dunbar
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