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    How do I findl out what firmware version I have.

    And, when I go to the network section, tmobile has a lock on it. I need to change some setting to get my ISP to work. Also, isn't their a way to get free tmobile internet?

    What the hell else can this phone do?
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    And another thing I can't figure out is why I don't have the user options in the contacs screen, I want all my names listed first , last.... not last, first
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    firmware: when you click on the phone button (it should map to the most left button for accessing the phone), access to the menu, select Option --> Phone info.

    you can create your own for your ISP specific. you can also deplicate the tmo setup to a new entry and modify it.

    contact: in the menu --> option --> preferences. you can select list by "first name, last name"
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    And is really doesn't matter. When trying to search, you can type in name and it will pull it up regardless of order you have set.
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    that is true. but may be the original poster likes to see the contact lists filed as "first name, last name". just a personal perference, i guess.
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    superfire, there is no menu in the contacts screen.
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    And also, I have firmware version 2.05. How do I update it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxrealtor
    superfire, there is no menu in the contacts screen.
    When in contacts hit the menu button on the keyboard or tap the upper left corner of the screen. All of this is of course detailed in the manual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxrealtor
    And also, I have firmware version 2.05. How do I update it?
    Look on PalmOne's website for upgrade information. They have good instructions there.
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