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    Who besides myself is planning to delay the patch install and wait as along as it takes for Sprint and PalmOne to correct/address the Treo 1.20 updater and THB car kit patch?

    I got the MDM Secure File PDA Back-up card weeks ago and I haven't even used it yet!

    Yes, having the audio voice recorder ability (improved camera?), faster Blazer speeds etc. are nice additions, but they can wait. By the time all the kinks are worked out, there will be more refined software to take advantage of the new patch, esp. the voice recorder stuff.

    I mean, I could very well do the install, but from reading some of the posts, the chance (however small) of having an inactive, moody and unuseable Treo 600 doesn't sit well with me. If I had to return my Handspring T600 for a PalmOne version (parish the the HS logo!) which might take weeks because of production issues really defeats the purpose. To apply a favorite line from a recent movie, "Is the juice worth the squeeze?"

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    My Treo isn't broken, so I'm going to keep 1.10 and see what happens.

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    Bought the SD card & downloaded BacupMan but haven't pulled the trigger yet & probably won't until I'm comfortable that changes have been made. I've had my original Treo since October & it works like a charm. BTW, BackupMan is great.
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    Haven't upgraded mine from what it came with in Dec '03. I have had zero problems, and that's the way I like it.
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    I upgraded as soon as the upgrade was available. I have a hardware revision B model. No problems whatsoever. I don't use any car kit, so I don't know about that.
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    I have had a AT&T phone since last Oct with no real prob's.. Plan to wait till I stop hearing about prob's from the update.... "if it ain't broke don't fix it!".
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    Too bad. You're all missing out on better sound quality and the ability to record voice memos and soon to come voice dialing.
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    Had mine since October, upgraded to 1.10 a long time ago, and don't plan to upgrade to 1.20 for the reasons you noted. It's workin' great now, so I don't want to risk fixin' it!
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    All you're missing is teh network search problem.
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    Looking through different postings, and talking to Sprint L2 techs, different builds seem to have different problems. I have a Rev. C and installing the update disabled the URLs in my Picture Mail. I don't have any other problems, though. The network search errors seem to be Rev. B phones. Maybe it's time for an informal poll of what errors occurred on different builds?
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    I wish I never updated. The phone has been giving me nothing but problems. Long delays on the switching between wireless mode. Poorer Coverage area on the Sprint Network. Where I used to have coverage now none. Can't wait for an upgrade.
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    Rev B phone here. No "network search" problems at all. Coverage is at least as good. Camera's better. No complaints at all.
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    I'm still on 1.0 with Sprint. Hardware is version "C". I have a few glitches here and there, but after reading all the problems people are having with the update, I don't dare try it. I'm going to wait and see what happens. My coverage is less than perfect in one particular area--unfortunately, it's the area I am usually in!! Everywhere else it seems pretty good.
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    Looks like things are starting to get back on track, at least with the car kit patch. But does that also include the Treo 1.20 updater? See thread below:
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    I always need the latest and greatest, so I updated right away.
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    I upgraded my phone finally. I knew the risks and picked a good day to do so. The upgrade went smoothly, but when I tried to turn on the Wireless mode, my phone would just soft reset everytime. I then tried to do ##786 from the dialpad screen to see what firmware was installed. The phone displayed Latitude / Longtitude information (and other funky stuff) and it automatically turned on Wireless mode and displayed the phone stats. One of my other friends had the same problem and did the same thing. So I guess that is the fix if you have soft reset problems. Other than that minor hiccup, i noticed everything else to be fine. I will repost after a week the status of the new update.
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    i still am waiting it out. i have 1.10 rev c and everything is fine...

    if it ain't broke...
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    Quote Originally Posted by treolady
    i still am waiting it out. i have 1.10 rev c and everything is fine...

    if it ain't broke...
    Just purchased my Sprint T600 Monday, Rev. C, 1.10 from factory. No problems with 1.10. Upgraded to 1.20 as per instructions - no problems upgrading or since.

    See my post here regarding Mac OS X success.

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    The downside still does not seem worth it to me. I am waiting until I am forced to update becasue of a software prob or a network issue.

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    I just saw this item today, Dated today, June 30, and it has me concerned. Is this a new universal updater or just the same 'ol song and dance?,+01:01+PM
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