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    Is there a list anywhere that defines all the files that show up on Filez or Delete menu? I need to free up about 3M in memory and I don't know what everything is for. What are the non obvious places that memory hides?
    Is there a memory clean up type program for the Treo600? Thanks!
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    There is an application called "Clean Up" which removes files remaining on your Treo from apps you've uninstalled. You can find it on Palm Gear.
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    Cleanup only works properly AFTER you install it, correct? Once you install Cleanup it keeps tracks of other files installed, and helps to clean them up when you do deletes. But it doesn't help with already installed apps, correct?
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    No, I think you are thinking of "Uninstall Manager" which is made by the same company. They bundle the two applications together and suggest using them both.

    Get rid of leftovers:
    Cleanup lists, examine and lets you delete items in the RAM that are not associated with any one application on your device; items that DO NOT share a Creator ID with one of the installed applications.

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