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    I've been waiting patiently for a Treo 600 supported by Verizon. I check these forums everyday and, while I realize most of what I see are not necessarily representative, this thing certainly seems to run into a lot of problems. With my job, I can't afford unreliability (literally.)

    Are my concerns justified or is this site making me paranoid?
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    Treo 600 is by no means perfect. Nothing is, except my wife of course)) However, I do believe that you tend to see more complaints here than praises, simply because of human nature.

    The fact that this board is so active should be an indirect indication of the popularity of Treo 600. I, for one, is very happy with my Treo.
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    I concur. I like my Treo. You have to keep in mind that techies are the ones that own this stuff. It's in our nature to tweak it till it can't be tweaked no more That being said, there will inevitably be alot of "I wish it would do this" kind of stuff in any forum about any subject. The wonderfull Treo is no exception. Nothing is perfect nor should it be. Paranoid would be my guess
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    I have a Tmobile Treo and as a Realtor, my phone/pda can make and break deals that could cost some Big Bucks. I cannot lose phone contact for even a few hours. My Tmobile - sim card set up is ideal. Once,I had problems with my Treo 600 phone speaker, I simply transferred my sim card to my back up phone - my old Treo 270 until I got my replacement in 2 days! I've been a Handspring user since their Visor Deluxe.
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    by 6 sigma you mean quality control right? i'm on my 3rd 600 in 5 months. i haven't read the how many times you've replaced your treo thread but i'm guessing people have had similar experiences. yes the treo has problems (imo)..much more than it should.

    on the plus side sprint has been very good to me replacing my treos free of charge every time i've had a problem.

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