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    I am a fairly new user of the Treo 600. I am currently a Cingular customer and was wondering if anyone has had bad experiences with the new 1.2 firmware update. I have read several threads in which people have said that they are very disappointed with the update because it caused their phones and applications to malfunction. Cingular users, let me know what you think. Thanks.
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    I bought my T600 GSM through Cingular and installed the new firmware, no problems so far.
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    i had a lot of trouble installing it, it is working now, but i do not see any improvements. i do like the ability to use the voice recorder.
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    No problems here! Works good.
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    Try the SoundRec app discussed on this website, it has the functionality of a voice recorder and the great part its FREE!!
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    No major issues here either.
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    No problems whatsoever!
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    No problems.

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