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    Not sure if this has already been posted but here is a link. Just came accross it and thought it was cool.
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    Whoops, mispelled the thread title. Its supposed to be HOTSYNC
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    Just tried it "for kicks" and it seemed to work. A bit slow, but it works. Anyone know of any known security issues with this method of syncing?
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    I am really wanting to try this, but I am having a problem getting it to connect with the router in place. Can someone help. It is a D-Link 624 router.
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    you might need to put your ip access to DMZ so you can access it from the internet. but again, you might want to play around the port forwarding function.
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    followed the instruction but i could not connect and remote sync using tmo internet plan. must be some setup incorrect on my router. will check it tomorrow. hope someone has done it with LinkSys and can share info with me.
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    I was going to set it to DMZ, but I dont like the idea of no firewall being ran. I messed with the port openings, but to no avail. I was unsure which IP I should use, since I have a couple available.
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    I can't get to that website ?
    is there another address ?
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    When I first did this, I had problems, but the two things that I needed to change were:

    Port forwarding - make sure that port comes into the right computer from the router.

    Firewall - I had to allow the specified port to connect to my computer.

    That took care of my problems, hope it helps.
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    Yep, You need to forward these 2 ports from your outside public IP to your internal Machine's IP:

    14237 both TCP and UDP if it lets you specify
    14238 both TCP and UDP if it lets you specify
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    the first link is not working anymore.. can someone please tell me the name of this software?

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    There is no software. Only your data plan ad computer connecting. I would relist the steps, but I cant get it to work properly.
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    Here's the steps if you have a Cable/DSL Router. Most routers have similar features/functions, just a different way of configuring it. I will try to make this as simple as possible but I am assuming that you are somewhat technical enough to understand the basic terminology and know how to play around with your Cable/DSL router settings.

    1) Find out what your Routers WAN/Outside/Public port IP address is. It should NOT be any IP's in these ranges: 192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x, 172.16.x.x. You can usually find this out by going into your Cable/DSL router via your web browser and checking the config/status pages. Memorize the IP address or write it down somewhere.

    2) Find out what your PC’s IP address and Subnet Mask is, go to the command prompt and type in ‘ipconfig’. Memorize this IP address and Subnet Mask or write it down somewhere.

    3) On your Treo 600, do these steps:

    Go into the HotSync utility, hit the ‘Menu’ key and select “Modem Sync Prefs” then select “Network” then OK

    Hit the ‘Menu’ key again and select “Lansync Prefs” then select “LANsync” then OK

    Hit the ‘Menu’ key again and select “Primary PC Setup”. Enter in !! as the Primary PC Name, yes that’s 2 exclamation marks.

    Enter in the IP Address that you wrote down in Step 1 in the Primary PC Address field. Leave the subnet mask blank. Hit OK when finished.

    Hit the ‘Menu’ key again and select “Conduit Setup”. Select ONLY the ones that you want synced. (i.e. Calendar, Mail, Notes, etc.) The less you have checked, the faster the sync. Everything will be checked by default.

    4) On your Cable/DSL Router, Forward Ports 14237 and 14238, both TCP and UDP for each port, to your computer’s IP address from step 2.

    5) On your PC, do these steps:
    Right-Click on your HotSync icon down by in the system tray (next to the time) and click Setup. Make sure “Always available” is selected in the General tab.

    Then go to the Network tab and check the name that you want synced.

    Click on the TCP/IP Settings button and make sure the Primary IP address has an IP address in there. It will by default, but just in case. Put in the subnet mask that you wrote down in step 2.

    Hit OK, Hit OK again.

    Right-Click on your HotSync icon in the system tray again and check the Network option.

    6) To start the sync on the Treo600, open up the HotSync App and select the “Modem” option. "PCS Vision" should show up underneath the HotSync icon. Hit the Hotsync icon and watch it sync.

    Please let me know if I missed any steps. Also let me know if this works for anyone else.

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