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    I tried searching but came up with nothing. Is there a program or accessory to play a local radio station through the Treo? I havent been able to find anything but if anyone has any information it would be great.

    My Moto V60i can do this and its pretty old so I was wondering it the Treo was capable as well. The V60 just need a headphone that plugged into the bottom and it could play local radio stations
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    I'm pretty sure that I saw a FM radio SDIO card for sale somewhere...maybe Seidio?

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    I saw this type of accessory at CompUSA too. So, they are out there.
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    There is a SDIO FM card for PalmOS pdas (you can find them at compusa etc) but it won't fit the Treo600 b/c the antenna is in the way! I think it cost like $50 bucks or something... Anyway, just stream whatever station you want via Ptunes Shoutcast stream instead. That way you won't have to sacrifice your sd slot...
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