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    Maybe this is sacriligious on this site....but I am selling my treo 600..., i know, it is an awesome piece of kit, but I can not use BT , nor can i use this model in the US...I live in the UK. Among other reasons...

    So...I need to clear all of my personal info w/o erasing any programs, and the fact that it is unlocked.

    Is there a way to format the unit, or something?
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    A hard reset will erase all of your data.
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    Hard reset? How do I do that?
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    Why do you think you can't use it in the US?

    Hard resets are outlined in the manual in depth and a quick search of the forums will also give you the information you need.
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    I have a carbon treo 600...don't know if that is a gsm or the other type treo. I was told when i inquired why I couldn't use my phone that it was not compatible there. Lookinginto it recently, though, i have seen that both are covered by different companies, so I guess maybe I was given bad info?
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    I beleive you were given bad information.

    The Orange version of the Treo looks just like the Sprint version (the darker color) however, it's a tri-band GSM phone which means it should work fine in the U.S. You should also be able to unlock it and use it with a U.S. GSM provider such as T-Mobile, AT&T or Cingular.

    As for your question, to do a hard reset:

    1. Press and hold the power button
    2. While holding the power button press the reset button on the back.
    3. Do not let go of the power button until the Palm logo appears on the screen.
    4. When you see the Palm logo released the power button.
    5. Press up on the 5-way d-pad to confirm you want to erase ALL of your data.
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    Yo, green lantern (I used to listen to him all the time as akid, loved it!), Thanks very much for your descriptive help.

    Treo 600 was an awesome piece of kit, but few little drawbacks that just made it easier to change phones, for a good deal less... low res screen, no BT, no voice recorder.

    To be honest I am really surprised that palmone don't change all that cause the phone is a real beauty otherwise. But these things take away a good deal of user fun and potential.

    Good luck to all on the BT front!
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    there is a voice recoder its called soundrec and its free you just have to update the firmware
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    Quote Originally Posted by radhanatha
    So...I need to clear all of my personal info w/o erasing any programs, and the fact that it is unlocked.
    I was going to reply "hard reset" like everyone else, but this WILL erase any programs that you installed as well as your data. It will leave only the basic Palm apps. Is that what you want? I don't know of a way to erase only your data.

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    Oh geez, you know I didn't even notice that part of the thread. Very good point kazinvan. I just assumed since he was selling it he'd want it restored to how it was out of the box.


    Your Treo will look just as it did the first time you powered it on.
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    Unless he is selling it with the extra programs as an extra incentiive.... "Look what you can do...".
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    Okay...I've changed my mind (after hard reset of course). If I can use this phone in the US I want to hang onto it. I jsut got my replacement phone and it just won't do. I'm too attached I realise to all the features with the t600 (not to mention that the winner on ebay tried to scam me with a fraudulent payment thru paypal! I had already shipped the phone when I got the e-mail from paypal....luckily I live in the country and I was able to catch it three hours later!!!). do I update my firmware for this voice recording tool? How do i get a sim card which will work for my orange carbon model phone?( iwill be living in the us from mid-august) And the big question...what is the progress on the BT apps that everyone is pitching in on to get developed?

    Sorry about my lapse in regards to the awesomeness of this machine all!
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    Go to

    Download the orange update. Follow the instructions, the site has FAQ's covering how to upgrade.

    After you have upgraded get hold of Ryans Movierec and soundrec, then you can record audio and short films with audio, 2 brilliant apps.
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    thanks for those links...but when I went to register and recv'd my link via e-mail it won't let me activate my account , frustrating, and no link for site assistance.

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