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    i've been shopping for a good launcher for my treo 600. i used to use the App/DA Launcher hack on my palm Vx, but it doesn't work on the 600. i downloaded a demo of TealLaunch, and i like it, but i'm wondering if anyone knows of similar apps that might be better? i tried HiLaunch, and didn't like it. also don't like ArrowLaunch. i like the "start menu" type of launchers. any suggestions?

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    ZLauncher or XLauncher.
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    You might want to look at McPhling at I activate it by holding down the left arrow on the D-pad. You can list up to 10 most-used apps and have it show the most recently used.
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    Sounds like Facer Launcher would appeal to you.

    Facer Launcher
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    Zlauncher is your friend.
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    facer - tried quiet a few launcher - but facer is the best!
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    As you can see, everyone has thier preference. Try them all and chose I like LauncherX. Zlauncher seems to win most votes around here, so you might want to start with one of those two.
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    There's a section on ConfusedVorlon's Arrow Launcher on I recommend it in cunjunction with ZLauncher and/or 1 Button Pro.
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    This app looks pretty cool. One question though. Does it display the signal indicator?
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    Yes it does, although I find launcherX to be far better myself. Just try the demos of zlauncher, facer and zlauncher for a few days each and decide which you like. They all have a signal indicator!
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    i am beta testing a facer edition for the treo 600. nice laucher, better than others i've tried including zlauncher and launcher x.

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