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    My boss has a Sprint phone/palm combination and a blackberry (since the
    Sprint could not use his existing Earthlink email account). He is looking
    at the Treo 600 (since it indicates that it works with multiple email
    accounts, I assume it can handle his Earthlink account), but is
    wondering whether there is any substantial Blackberry feature that the
    Treo lacks.
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    Well, if your corporate IT folks support Blackberry, and have that software installed on your email servers, then YES, the functionality on the Treo will NOT be seamless like it is with the Blackberry. If they also have Goodlink installed to support Palm systems then it should work just as well, but the # of companies with Goodlink is small compared to Blackberry. Hopefully when the Blackberry client for Palm comes out this fall the gap will disappear...

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