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    Does anyone make a Blackberry client for a Spring Treo 600?
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    Not yet, rumor has it coming this fall.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    we switched to Good and haven't looked back....and it's way less expensive!
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    Ditto for my company using Good.
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    Unfortunately, my company is a Blackberry user and won't even consider Good (and I don't have the clout to make a relevant fuss) so as the campfire son goes:

    "here we sitl like birds in the wilderness..." C'mon palmOne (or whomever is developing the software)!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    My company uses Blackberry but I was told yesterday that they did a trial of GoodLink for Treo users but decided that the money isn't there to purchase (for now). Does anyone know what GoodLink costs?

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    I would LOVE to suggest GoodLink at my company, but we use Lotus Notes, not Exchange and Good only supports Exchange....and, according to the response to my query, they have NO plans of ever supporting Notes. A Blackberry client would sure make me smile!
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    That is so true, Goodlink will not make anything for Lotus Notes,
    I would also love to try the blackberry beta for the Treo 600's
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    I also looked into GoodLink, but it is definitely not going to be cost-effective to switch all our RIM devices from BlackBerry. I am the only Treo 600 users in my organization (which happens to be a municipality), so I changed my Vision to the Professional Vision pack and now get Sprint PCS Business Connect for free with my service. My complaints are my inability to synchronize Inbox folders and no accessibility to my calendar (both of these features are available through the web, though.
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    I just found a reasonable work around to get to my Outlook mail on my Treo. I loaded Mergic VPN and going through my company's PPTP server I can modem sync my Inbox to Go (dataviz). Works really nice and the Mergic instructions on how to do this are very clear.

    Danny D
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbaldon
    Does anyone know what GoodLink costs?

    Based on a quick conversation with Good last week - $330/user/year, 5 user minimum. I am sure volume licensing cuts down the /user cost, but I will be lucky to get the $1,650 for my smallish org.

    BTW, Good does not support installation of Goodlink on the same server as Exchange, but the salesman did say many customers do it if they have a small # of licenses.
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    We just rolled out GoodLink to 5 users of Treo 600's and I have been buying used RIM 957's to get 2nd tier users on the service. GoodLink supports both the RIM 957 and the RIM 950 through Cingular's MOBITEX. The download new software to the device and blow out the Blackberry applications and replace them with GoodLink (Blackberry just hates that ! )

    Currently they have a GREAT special deal going where you convert your RIM 957/950 's over to GoodLink, Cingular pays the Good license fee and you pay only for unlimited MOBITEX service $40/month. Hell of a way to deploy GoodLink to users who would normally not get it

    I have no connection with Good or Cingular other than we use their products and love the full wireless access to Outlook !
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    Press release from May 18, 2004, "PalmSource and RIM Introduce BlackBerry Connect for Palm OS":

    PalmSource, Inc. (NASDAQ: PSRC) provider of Palm OS™, a leading operating system powering next generation mobile devices and smartphones, and Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM), a leading developer of wireless solutions, have completed their distribution agreement to make BlackBerry Connect™ available to Palm OS licensees. Together, BlackBerry Connect and Palm OS will extend email and corporate data connectivity to Palm Powered™smart mobile devices, facilitating workforce productivity while away from the office....

    PalmSource is expected to make the Palm OS Mail Client that supports BlackBerry Connect available to Palm OS licensees in the second half of 2004, as previously announced....
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    Does anyone know if a Verizon-ized Treo would work on Good's network?

    Also, would a current Treo (verizon-ized or not) ultimately be able to work on the BES implementation that is planned, or would that require different hardware inside?

    (sorry for the stupid question - I am not a techie, but am trying to pretend I am one).

    Thanks in advance
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    My information is that the Blackberry functionality on Palm OS is NOT something that will be able to be retrofitted/installed on existing devices. Rather, it will be integrated into the upcoming new Palm OS. I am also told the functionality will not be as robust as on RIM Blackberry devices.
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    I spoke to Goodlink as well and can confirm that the cost is $330/user/year with a minimum of 5 users. They also mentioned that the product will only work (or has only been approved for) Exchange Enterprise Edition. It is not supported on Small Business Server.

    My comment is what does Goodlink offer over Outlook Mobile Access service?

    The cost seems excessive to me for a service that is basically bundled in Exchange Server 2003.


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