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    I had a Kyocera 7135 awhile back and was using this nice app called Energy Saver. It was useful because it switched off the phone part when the signal would not be established after a certain amount of time. It was useful on my 1 hour subway rides and when I am in an area where there was not a signal. I made ES search no more then 15 mins of non-signaI before it swtched off the phone and turn back when it was within a few minutes of a signal. I know you can switch it off manually but sometimes I forget and roaming on a cell phone sucks up battery life. Anyone come across an app that does this function? I downloaded it and installed it on the Treo 600 but was afraid of killing anything so I know it is capable of running on it but not functioning. Here is the link to it if anyone including the developer to take a stab at getting it to work on the T600.
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    Treo Helper will do this. Search this forum for a link.

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