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    OK. I'm afraid this is the last straw. Please pardon my RANT, there is a legitimate question at the end...

    I just recieved my 3rd Treo 600 from PalmOne (2nd replacement), and they sent me an ATT phone rather than a Cingular (which is what I have). Consequently, when I put my SIM card in it the phone won't work.

    It's bad enough that I have been without a working cel phone now for almost a month (since the previous Treo600 Phone they sent kept shutting itself off whenever it felt like it or whenever it got bumped by a falling goose-down feather...really good for my sales job, I must say). NOW they want me to ship this ATT phone back to them and THEN they will START the process to ship another (undoubtedly cr@ppy) phone to me.

    If the FREAKIN phones they sent actually worked, I would sell it on eBay, take my losses and go buy a smartphone that is a good phone. As it is I can't, so I now have the dubious distinction of being one of history's greatest SUCKERS for drooling over this device for 9 months before it shipped, and for having put up with multiple successive defective units and unbelievably bad customer service from one of the most arrogant companies with which I have ever had the misfortune to do business.


    My Question: ANY SUGGESTIONS for a reliably smartphone? I am considering Kyocera and also the option of using a really small BT phone in conjunction with a Tungsten or something similar.

    Thanks to anyone who replies to this and shows me that I am not alone..

    ...and as "Bob" from PalmOne support just said on the phone with a big smile on his face: "Thanks for calling PalmOne - and ...Have a nice day".
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    If I had to replace my Treo, I would go with the two device solution. Though I haven't had to replace my Treo more than once, the one I do have has proven that Handspring has merged a mediocre quality pda and poor quality phone into one expensive package.

    The advantage of the two device solution would be the ability to shop for both a really good phone, and a really good palm device. The only downside is that I've heard a lot of bad things about bluetooth connectivity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by controller
    If I had to replace my Treo, I would go with the two device solution.

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