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    Has anyone had success? An old post stated Wireless Modem didn't work when used with the miniSync cable from BoxWave. Can anyone confirm this?

    I need to find a usb charger / sync cable for traveling that works with Wireless Modem. Thanks in advance.
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    I use it with pdanet just fine?
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    NO..., I'm using the program Wireless Modem.
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    I bought the miniSync Boxwave cable about a year ago for my 300 to sync/charge and for WirelessModem. I've been using it with my 600 since 10/03 mainly to sync/charge. I used it with WirelessModem early on but not in the last 6 months or so. With WiFi at home, work and most places I travel to today, I don't seem to use WireModem much.
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    Thanks Imagone. Seems we use the same computer as well. So just so I'm clear, the miniSync cable did work with Wireless Modem.?

    Thanks again.

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