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    Anyone find the volume on the Treo600 too loud? When i am using a headset (Jabra) the volume of the caller can be deafening. I also find myself turning the volume all the way down when not using a headset and it's still loud.

    Anyone else experience this?
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    This is hilarious. An image of a pendulum has appeared in my mind. Spartanrob is either a genuine newbie, or a troll.
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    not sure if i should be offended or not
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    People complained in multiple threads incessantly about how LOW the volume was. Everything from ringer and alert volumes to voice volumes. And now someone's complaining that it's too loud. I find that amusing.

    But to answer your question, no you shouldn't be offended.

    There are multiple hardware revisions of the Treo600. Each seems to have its own quirks. I've got a revision B (Sprint), and it's been great. Volumes are excellent, and even the camera is plenty decent. And everything got even better after the 1.20 update.

    What hardware revision do you have?
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    Where do i check my hardware revision? In Phone Info it says Hardware: Treo 600x.y
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    Volume through a headset is DEFINITELY very loud - usually one to three bars on the volume scale. Volume through the speaker is good, unless you've got a lot of ambient noise - I usually have the volume up to the max. And volume through the earpiece is okay - I almost always have it maxed out, which is usually fine unless in a real loud place.

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