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    Quote Originally Posted by dbdynsty25
    Does the ProClip swivel at all so that I could leave it oriented horizontally?
    it comes w\ 2 clips fixed and swivel. The fixed one holds the phone vertically and the swivel allows it to move freely but it does not lock in any position.
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    I just got my Verizon Treo 600 and ordered the Pro Clip. I have been using it for the last week and I have a few issues. First the biggest concern, it has already chipped the paint on the bottom back side of the data port(right at the edge but growing). This is because of the way the clip snaps in and out. The other issue I have is when I am sitting in the car and driving and a call comes in and I want to grab the phone, it is very hard to release the phone DOWNWARD because of limited space between the belt clip and my body, and I am not a large person at all! Putting it back is as hard also. The third is the fact that the swivel clip is worthless since the phone just swings wildly and usually hangs upside down. Thats the reason I am using the stationary clip. I have been using a Keyocera 7135 for over a year and I think it has one of the best holsters including it's SNAP rotating clip. I went ahead and ordered the Sedio a couple of days ago and I didn't see this thread and now I am wondering if that was a good choice or not. Well I guess I will try both and come back with more insight.

    Side note: If Pro Clip could enhance the swivel clip and also figure out a different entry point for the Treo 600, it would be a GREAT holster.
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    The Seidio holster is really good. I have had no problems with it what-so-ever. You need to know how to use it correctly. On Seidio's website, there is an animation under the User Manual that shows you how to tilt the phone into the holster, and that you are supposed to pull it straight up and out of the holser. If you do that, with the newer model with stronger clips, you won't have any trouble. As far as it falling out of the clips, mine never has. Not saying it is perfect, but the seidio model offers much more protection then the Proclip. The ProClip lets the bottom of the keyboard to rub against things, where the Seidio clip protects everything on the bottom, back, and most of the sides. Also the seidio has a nice soft padded backing on the clip that keeps the screen from getting scratched. I would go with the Seidio.
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