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    Since I have upgraded ot the new firmware, my Treo600 has always a very bad voice performance.

    I can hear reasonably well, but at the other end people complain not hearing me, or hearing a very disturbed line.

    I am also using the CarKit, and in most cases the situation gets even worser with it.

    any suggestion
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    Hi claudioc66,

    after several mails to THB and PalmOne support i received the following answer:

    There is another update to come that enhances the audio prformance using the original carkit.

    I also have strong echoing problems when using the carkit.

    Well, and so im waiting for the next update.

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    Hi Thomas,
    I have overcome the echoing problems with this update. But the voice distorsion is even worse than it was before.
    I am afraid I will have to wait for the next upgrade.
    Ciao, Claudio

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