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    I've noticed a significant difference between internal memory and my 32mb card, obviously to be expected.

    But i was just wondering, if any cards that work in the T600 are any faster than others? or are they all the same?

    With movierec movies saved to the card do not play back, they just stutter and restart the T600.. I'm presuming it a bandwith issue as its uncompressed video.
    I am quite interested in video, so a faster card would allow better quality video as it wont strain the T600 so much
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    SanDisk has regular SD cards and Ultra II SD cards. The Ultra II is supposed to be quite a bit faster. I have yet to cough up the money for an SD card but I'll likely get one for Father's Day and it'll be of the Ultra II type.

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    VSFMark write scores for my 4 SD cards

    256MB Panasonic - 45 (was my main card for my Tungsten T|2, but is now a backup)
    256MB SanDisk - 26 (used in a Canon Digital Elph SD100)
    512MB SanDisk - (used in my Treo 600)
    512MB Lexar Hi-Speed [rebranded Panasonic] - (used in my Tungsten T|2)

    Yes, there is a difference in write speed among different SD cards. SanDisk have been known to be among the slowest when it comes to write speed. I've never tried the Ultra version of their SD cards, but I'm sticking to Panasonic if I can.
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    There is a thread with a comparison of the speeds of different cards. The Ultra II cards from Sandisk seem to be the fastest.

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