View Poll Results: Which format do you use to listen to music on yor Treo600 with?

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  • MP3

    29 51.79%
  • WMA

    5 8.93%
  • Ogg

    22 39.29%
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    mp3pro at 96kbps & 100% VBR. mp3pro is backwards compatible with all mp3 playing software/hardware and delivers comprable size reduction to quality benefits as OGG & WMA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparxus
    How low do you usually set the bitrate to get acceptable quality?
    I use J. River's "Media Center" as the Media Player on my PC's. Love that program.

    It has generic settings for OGG encoding "Low, Low/Normal, Normal, etc". My interest was in maximum sound quality and minimum file size so I tried "Low" first and was pleasantly surprised to find that the files sounded great.

    I examined some of these "Low" OGG files and determined that the generic settings are VBR. One file was 68kbps and another was 72kbps.

    It's still been my experience that while the T600 (pTunes 3.0) will play OGG files, it can't do much else at the same time. Anybody else having this problem?

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    Well, I do a few things- I know ogg is processor dependant, and I'm pretty sure most of you will agree with me that if you run pocketTunes and start downloading or say, use verichat at the same time, it may just CRASH your handheld. it's a good possibility. However, I do tend to stream some classical music and browse the internet, while using verichat all at once. sometimes that little bug in vericaht (the quick reply bug when you want to ignore the im but still have it show up in your im window when responding) causes it to crash, sometimes something in the browser will cause it to crash, sometimes me breathing too hard on the treo causes it to crash, i'm not sure. i'm also quite sure the current OS of Palm was not made to handle a few programs all "running" essentially at the same time, that could also be the problem. but let's remember the treo isn't a supercomputer, it only has what..32megs of ram? 24 which are accessible (if you don't load any other programs into the rom)? so of course ogg will be somewhat processor draining. but, i've never had a problem streaming or playing ogg and writing emails, or editing contacts or setting alarms in my calendar - but it is sometimes sluggish with response in web pages - and i don't mean downloading times. i also understand though that if i want to listen to music at the same time, it's going to happen. and yes, playing a game (there was a really good shootemup a few months ago with space ship and excellent sounds and controls) while listening to music - ha. i went from mach 10 to slower than molasses in january.i do play table tennis a lot while listening to music though - (the game) - that's about the extent of gaming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fmertz
    Hmmm, help me on this. How you do dat? I have iTunes on a WinXP box. Didn't think you could synch a non-Ipod device on any OS with iTunes due to DRM. Is synch the appropriate word, or is copy more accurate (which equates to manual)? I tried Hymn to remove the DRM, but the DOS command prompt interface is basically unusable. Any help in this arena would make my life much more melodic!
    I suppose you'd need to use a Mac for this operation (but do verify with Mark/Space). Anyhow, Mark/Space has developed an awesome application called Missing Sync. Once you download it to your desktop computer, you are able to hot-sync music and pictures with iTune and iPhoto. Before you sync songs from iTune you'd want to convert them to MP3 (iTune, by default, creates songs in its own AAC format. Go to "Advance" in the iTune and click "Convert to MP3." Very simple!).
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    Ogg baby

    Smallest file size/best quality/open source (open source is often Microsoft's best competition/alternative).
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    I like WMA because of the noticably lower CPU usage for decent sound quality, but I like OGG because of the clearly superior sound quality, but it slows down the phone too much. Hmm.
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    Will Pocket Tunes play MP3Pro?
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    Another Ogg. (or should I say "Ogg Vorbis" after reading that article)

    I've been using it for a few years. Trying to save space on my laptop's hard drive. Works just fine for me, so didn't seem to be much reason to change.

    Have been thinking about MP3Pro though. I'm suprised only one person mentioned that.

    The treo does slow down a bit when I play oggs though. Even slower when I use the Equalizer. Does playing an MP3Pro require less treo resources?
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    What is this mp3pro format exactly? is it mp3 compatible? i'm just bearing with Ogg's tendencies to hog resources for now because of the clearly superior sound quality, until I can get WMA or any other format that's fast to rip (4x on OGG, 21x on WMA), and uses less resources. (WMA and MP3 clearly use less cpu power)
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