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    Anyone else seen this? I had an alarm set for this afternoon, and at the appointed time my Treo popped to life and rang, but the screen was yellow. Blank screen, every pixel yellow. Turned it off, turned it on, everything seemed to work but the screen was still yellow. I could make calls, use the touchscreen (completely blindly, of course), and everything. Eventually, I tried a soft reset. Still yellow. Then a warm reset. Still yellow. Finally a hard reset. Still yellow, and although I assume it still works fine, without being able to read the screen I can't bring it back to a usable state.

    It's a Sprint phone, so I'm going to take it back to the local Sprint store and try to get a replacement. Any suggestions?
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    If a hard rest didn't fix it, it's busted. Take it back...
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    My brand-new, 2-day old Treo 600 did the exact same thing. Every pixel is an orange-yellow color, although the device is still working and functional. A soft reset (or two or three) will usually bring it back into a normal screen, although the problem soon returns. I tried warm, hard, and even "battery disconnect" resets per PalmOne's support line and nothing ever resolved the issue. I finally demanded a new one be sent to me, so when it arrives next week, I am hoping it is in better shape. carrier, AT&T Wireless, will ship new devices when ordering, but all warranty issues have to be handled via PalmOne directly (and their 2 week delays).

    I had given up on Palm devices for over a year after my Palm VII turned into an ever-crashing paper weight...this new issue isn't making me feel much better.

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