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    Well, I've just about resigned myself that I'm going to have to pay $7.95 shipping to get the $5.95 adapter in order to use my 3.5mm stereo headphones on my Treo, since no store around me is carrying Treo accessories (lame!).
    Has anyone been using the adapter for their existing stereo headphones, and have you been happy with it?
    I'd appreciate hearing your advice.
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    Radio Shack sells it for $5ish, but you might have to cut off a bit of the rubber around the collar.

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    I've had the Palm adapter for a few weeks now. As you'd expect it's functional. But by jove is it BIG! By the time you put the regular jack into it the whole assembly is way too large. Doesn't work well with the slip case I got with the Treo. I put the headphones in the Treo and then put the case on backwards so I can get the phone out without pulling out the jack.
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